The smartest, easiest way to win your local or state election

Whether you’re running for city council, school board, or the state house, Victory Guide was designed to meet your needs. Our CEO is an elected official and she knows from personal experience that most candidates for local and state offices have small budgets and few or no paid campaign staff. Our cutting-edge technology automates some of the most time consuming, but essential parts of running for office, so that you can focus on talking to voters. Our award-winning technology makes it easy for any progressive, Democratic, or left-of-center candidate to run for office and win!


How Victory Guide helps candidates win elections

Our technology gives candidates the edge over their opponents:

  • Custom daily advice so you know exactly what you need to do every single day of your race to win

  • Mobile app to make voter outreach easy through door knocking and phone banking. See what doors to knock, which voters to talk to, and take notes on each interaction

  • Automatically generated walk sheets mean that you don't have to sit in front of a computer cutting turf; just open the app and start knocking

  • Technology identifies which voters are most likely to vote in your election

  • Tools to calculate how many times your campaign will be able to canvass your target universe and how many volunteer shifts you'll need

  • Resources on campaign best practices that are backed by empirical research

  • Real-time campaign analytics to track your progress towards your win number

  • We can also help you obtain a free or low-cost voter file

I found the Victory Guide to be indispensable to my campaign. It helped us pinpoint supporters, highlight issues, and track the progress of our canvass in neighborhoods, quickly and easily.
— Clark, candidate for city council
 Victory Guide Dashboard

There is a science to running a good campaign, and we’ve built that science into Victory Guide.

With Victory Guide, you don't need to be an experienced politician to run a best in class campaign. Our technology is built on political best practices, backed up by empirical research. Victory Guide tells you how to run a campaign and exactly what to do - and when - to win your election.


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