We’re dedicated to electing more progressive candidates



Victory Guide was born out of my own experience of running for city council. I was like a lot of candidates who run for lower offices: I had a small budget and no paid campaign staff. I wanted to personally reach out to thousands of voters and to run a data-driven campaign, but there literally was not a product on the market that met my needs. So our team created Victory Guide.

Using the prototype of Victory Guide, I personally knocked on 5,000 doors. I went from being a first-time candidate who was viewed as an underdog to coming in first place in a field of six candidates. I became the youngest woman ever elected to the city council in Rockville, Maryland.

Our team at Victory Guide has a goal of making it easy for any progressive candidate to run for elected office and to win. We want every Democrat and left of center candidate who runs for office to run the best possible campaign--regardless of their prior political experience, the size of their budget, the number of campaign staff they have, or their comfort level with technology. There are tens of thousands of progressive candidates running for office who are motivated by Donald Trump's election. We're here to help these candidates get elected up and down the ballot.

Thank you for being a part of this effort.


Julie Palakovich Carr
CEO and Co-Founder