Victory Guide: The Smartest, Easiest Way to Win Your Election

Victory Guide is award-winning technology that makes it easy for any Democrat, progressive, or left-of-center candidate to run for office and win!


Victory Guide makes campaigning simple:

Identifies likely voters and determines your target universe of voters.

Mobile app to make voter outreach easy through door knocking. See what doors to knock, which voters to talk to, and take notes on each interaction.

Calculates how many doors your campaign will be able to knock by Election Day and how many volunteers you'll need.

Recommends daily and weekly goals for canvassing.

Summarizes your campaign's data into digestible reports.

Keeps your campaign organized and on track to win

I found the Victory Guide to be indispensable to my campaign. It helped us pinpoint supporters, highlight issues, and track the progress of our canvass in neighborhoods, quickly and easily.
— Clark, candidate for city council
Victory Guide Dashboard

Special Offer for ANC Candidates

$99 for Your 2018 Campaign

Candidates for ANC can use Victory Guide for a flat rate of $99 through November 30, 2018. Our easy to use technology makes sure that your campaign stays focused on the most important part of your race: talking to voters.

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