Free Training for Democratic Political Candidates


Whether it’s your first time running for office or you are an experienced candidate, it can be helpful to brush up your skills on how to run an effective campaign. Luckily, there are plenty of options available for progressive and left-leaning candidates, many of which are free.

Training Option for All Democrats

Wellstone has been the major player in this space for years. Camp Wellstone teaches practical skills to candidates and campaign workers. (Note: this program charges a fee to participate.)

The National Democratic Training Committee offers free online training for any Democrat running for any office in the U.S. They cover everything from calculating your win number to writing a fundraising plan to organizing get out the voter operations.

The Progressive Candidate Campaign Committee will be holding a free four-day training program in Washington, DC in April 2018 that will train 500 progressive candidates to run for local, state, and federal offices. In addition to presenting helpful information, the resource fair will include headshots and consultations with compliance experts.

The free online training from the National Progressive Campaign Resource Center focuses on developing a winning message that resonates with voters.

Democracy for America offers in person trainings for candidates and campaign staff. Their Night School provides online training.

Training Options for Female Candidates

Emerge America provides an in-depth, six-month long training to women who are interested in running for office or pursuing a political appointment. Emerge operates in 24 states.

The She Should Run incubator helps women who are considering running for office. The program helps women to envision themselves in elected office.

Vote Run Lead offers both in person trainings and online resources to help female candidates.

Emily’s List offers online and in person to women running for offices up and down the ballot. Although the group has long assisted women running for higher offices, they are now working on building out a farm team of female candidates.

Ready to Run helps women of all political affiliations.

Women’s Campaign Fund is a non-partisan PAC that helps women to get elected.

Training Options for Candidates of Color

Higher Heights partners with other organizations to train black women who are running for office.

New American Leaders aims to get more first and second generation Americans elected into office.

Training Options for Young Candidates

The Arena PAC Fellowship helps first-time candidates with personalized training on communications and campaign organization.

New Leaders Council trains millennial candidates during a six-month long program.

Run for Something aims to get more progressive millennials into office. They offer each candidate a mentor who has campaign experience.

Ignite is building a pipeline of young women who will pursue leadership opportunities in their communities.

Rise to Run trains young, progressive women who are in their teens or early twenties.

Other Groups

Victory Institute is assisting LBGTQ leaders who are running for office.

Veterans Campaign prepares veterans to serve the country again through public service.

New Politics focuses on helping public servants get elected.