Door Knocking Made Easy with Smart Walksheets

We're delighted to announce a major new feature in Victory Guide: the ability for a canvasser to pick their own walksheet in the area of their choice.  It's like being able to cut turf on the fly from within the Victory Guide app.


A user simply pans to the part of the district that they want to knock in and taps the smart walksheet button.  The system will recommend clusters of doors in that area that are actually walkable--no crossing busy roads or impassable barriers like waterways.  If the user doesn't like the first walksheet that was recommended, they can preview other walksheets in that area.

Each smart walksheet is customized to the canvassing schedule of the user.  If a user is scheduled to knock for 1 hour that day they will see a smaller walksheet than someone who is scheduled to knock for more time.

As always, doors that have already been knocked by the campaign won't be included in a walksheet nor will doors that another canvasser selected for the day.

Want to see smart walksheets in action?  Contact us for a demo.