Best Free Technology for Political Campaigns

There’s recently been an explosion of technology built to meet the needs of political campaigns. From door knocking to texting to digital ads to voter registration, there’s likely an app or software product that will help your campaign to save time, effort, and money.

Before we get to the free options, let me put in a plug for Victory Guide, the best-in-class option for managing your campaign’s field operations. Victory Guide eliminates the need to cut turf, make call sheets, or manually organize your voter contacts and data. Campaigns that use Victory Guide, save hours and hours of time—time that can be better spent talking to voters.

In addition to technology specific to campaigns, there are many great free tech tools available to help you. In this blog post, we explore a few.

Email Tools for Political Campaigns

MailChimp allows you to easily design beautiful email blasts and newsletters without being a graphic designer. It’s free if you have less than 2,000 subscribers.

Yet Another Mail Merge is a great way to send personalized emails in bulk directly from your Gmail account. It lets you easily set up a mail merge to customize the recipient’s name, organization, donation amount, etc. You can send up to 50 emails a day for free.

Google is considered by many as the best option for free email. Not only can you create a custom email address, but you can also collaborate on documents with other members of your campaign through Google Drive. Google Calendar is a great tool for syncing all of your calendars and for sharing with other users.

Boomerang is an extension that works with Gmail to allow you to write emails and to schedule them to be sent at a later time. It’s the perfect thing for when you need to write emails late at night but don’t want people to know that you are writing emails at 2 am.

Social Media Tools for Political Campaigns

Two great online tools for creating social media graphics and editing photos are Canva and BeFunky. They have templates to create graphics for Facebook and offer free stock art and backgrounds. You can also use these tools to design simple flyers and other literature for printing.

Hootsuite allows you to write your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media posts in advance and to schedule them to be sent later on. This tool makes it easier to ensure that you are putting out new social media content periodically.

Voter Registration Apps

Two free apps for registering voters are VoterPal and Map the Vote. Both enable a person to easily register to vote or to update their voter registration. Map the Vote recently launched and identifies households where unregistered voters may live. VoterPal can be used to get your friends or people at an event to register to vote.

Other Tools

If you need to securely share documents, even large files, Dropbox is still the best option.

Finally, a simple way to schedule meetings and to manage your calendar is Calendly. The tool lets people self schedule a meeting with you without exchanging a dozen emails back forth. The system offers potential time slots based on the availability on your calendar and even gives them options to reschedule or cancel a meeting. This tool is especially useful once you are elected into office.