Case Study #1:

Guidance for a first-time candidate

S. was a new candidate running for local office. His campaign strategy was to knock on lots of voters’ doors and he wanted to use technology to manage his campaign data. Victory Guide’s proprietary technology figured out exactly which voters were likely to vote in his race and mapped those voters into an easy to use canvassing app. Using the Victory Guide app, S. could see exactly which homes he needed to visit and which voters inside those homes he should talk to. He entered notes about each interaction with a voter, which was tracked in a central dashboard for his campaign. Victory Guide even figured out how many hours a week he needed to knock on doors in order to reach his voter outreach goal. S. personally knocked on more than 1,750 doors and won his race!

K. was helping a friend to run for county office. She wanted an easy way to organize all of the data that the campaign would collect, including which voters were supportive of her candidate and which weren’t. With Victory Guide, they had a centralized place to store and organize their data. Using one of the data export options, she easily generated a mailing list for a fundraising letter. Victory Guide’s automated reports provided K. with up to date metrics about the campaign’s progress, such as the number of doors knocks and the number of voters who would be supporting her friend.


Automation saves time and effort

Case Study #3:

No more paper walk sheets

J. was running for reelection to the state house. In past elections, he had a volunteer who created paper walk sheets for him to use when door knocking. But preparing those sheets took a lot of time and advance planning. When he switched to Victory Guide, J. was able to go knocking anywhere in his district at any time. He simply opened the Victory Guide app on his phone and centered the map on wherever he wanted to knock. Within seconds, he was ready to start knocking doors. That meant that he had the ultimate flexibility and could knocks doors wherever he happened to be. This saved J. and his volunteer hours of effort over the course of his campaign.

Case study #4:

Enable volunteers to work independently

S. was leading a people-powered campaign for state legislature. They had a small group of motivated volunteers who were eager to knock doors and call voters, but the campaign didn’t have the bandwidth to create walk sheets every day. With the Victory Guide app, the campaign didn’t need to worry about managing their volunteers. Instead, each volunteer could use the app to select what area to knock in and Victory Guide’s technology ensured that no one knocked on the same door twice. Because of this technology, S. could focus on other parts of the campaign.

Case study #5:

An alternative to Votebuilder

B. was the campaign manager for a state representative candidate. The state Democratic party provided the campaign with access to Votebuilder, but no one on the team knew how to use the platform and they didn’t have time to learn to use it. So they signed up to use Victory Guide. We took care of importing their voter data from Votebuilder and set up their Victory Guide account in less than a day. From then on, the campaign didn’t use Votebuilder again, as Victory Guide’s easy to use tools met all of their needs for canvassing, phone banking, and searching the voter database.