Down ballot candidates need their own campaign tools. Victory Guide was designed by a local elected official for candidates running for state or local office.


cutting-edge door Knocking App


Victory Guide is the ideal product for campaigns that plan to personally reach out to voters through door knocking and phone banking. Our technology does the hard work, like figuring out which voters you should target and mapping them into an easy to use app. Tap on a door to see which voters to talk to and to take notes on your interaction with the voter.

Victory Guide is the best canvassing app for down ballot candidates, as recognized in 2018 by Campaigns & Elections.


Custom daily guidance for your race

Victory Guide keeps your campaign disciplined with a daily review of your activity. Always know if your campaign is hitting its goals.

 Daily Review
 Daily direction

Key tools and resources

 Helpful documents

Access our exclusive library of campaign best practices

 Task lists

Receive a custom checklist of campaign tasks

 Campaign analytics

View your campaign’s performance and progress


Works with the voter file of your choice, including VoteBuilder/NGP VAN, NationBuilder, Board of Elections, or Commercial voter data


Available for both IOS and Android


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