“Victory guide was an amazing and incredible life-saver for a first time candidate like me. The mobile app was very easy to use, and allowed my finite time to focus on residents and areas where the time is best spent, along with keeping me organized on who I’ve talked to, where I’ve been, and where my lawn signs were! All I had to do was provide them the voter file, and the Victory Guide team went to work. Anytime I had a question, the team was very fast to respond, making this an absolute “must-have” for any campaign!”

— Steve Morris, candidate for city council


"Victory Guide was an amazing tool for my small, bare-bones campaign. It was invaluable to always have access to information about all of the voters my district on my phone. I was able to track who I talked to, who really needs extra attention or a push to vote, and what houses I'd already been to. It even helped me find more voters: veterans lived on the hospital in my district and I would have never known about them if it wasn't for Victory Guide."

— Sam Bonar, candidate for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner


"Victory Guide is an outstanding application for candidates. The part that I loved the most is that you can create a walking list right where you happen to be at the moment. You simply open the Victory Guide app, tap a button and you can start knocking. Talk about a great tool for 'spontaneous canvassing'! Another great advantage of using Victory Guide on my cellphone is the ability to dial numbers with one touch. It’s a great time-saver during phone banking!”

— Renee Windsor-White, candidate for state house